Case Study - Customer Relation Management

The Business – Frank Dale & Stepsons

Frank Dale Rolls Royce & Bentley Car DealersFrank Dale & Stepsons are a leading independent Rolls-Royce and Bentley car dealers. They are a family business with an outstanding history as the world's oldest supplier of the finest vintage and classic  Rolls-Royce and Bentley motorcars. Frank Dale has earned a reputation as a market leader through staying true to their heritage as a family business and by putting that personal touch into everything they do from customer service to sourcing unique cars of exceptional pedigree that will be cherished by their owners. Likewise, Frank Dale wanted to maintain this personal, hands-on approach throughout their website and so approached us to design a content management system, which would allow them to update content as and when they needed.

The Perfect Page Effect

We have provided Frank Dale & Stepsons with an easy to use, password protected, content management system, which allows them to update news and events, add to their stock list and gallery and request highly specialist and vintage cars that they are looking to purchase. The effect of this is not only to bridge the gap between business and customer, ensuring better Customer Relationship Management (CRM), but also to help maintain their reputable image and personal touch across online platforms.







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