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Choosing a good domain name is an important aspect of setting up a new business. Whilst this might seem like a simple task there are many considerations and possible risks to choosing one in hast. One example of this is copyright infringement. Is it possible that another larger company might feel that your chosen domain name detracts from their brand unity? We have encountered a number of cases in which corporates have enforced changes in the domain names and even business names of smaller companies. Therefore, it is important to ask the question of whether or not you could afford the high costs involved in defending your business.

Another common occurrence in the world of domain names is the “cybersquat”. This is when speculators buy up alternative domain names for your company so that when your business expands and you are looking to upgrade from a to a .com, for example, you will find that somebody already owns it. Then when you approach the buyer, they would offer to sell it back to you at a hugely inflated price.

For this reason, amongst others, it is important to choose a domain name with longevity. Let's say you are a small but successful hardware supplier who have already expanded to three large regional stores and looking to grow your business nationally and possibly expand into Europe. Will reflect the standing of your business? Perfect Page often work with clients looking to purchase a certain domain name, but after reviewing their business plan and accessing their long term goals, it becomes clear that the name they have chosen is incongruous with company expansion.

Whatever you are thinking of doing, why not ask for our FREE marketing meeting with Perfect Page? We are able to gain an understanding of your business its long-term objectives and to give advise to help you avoid having to do a rebrand in a few years time.

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