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Is Your Website Responsive?

Is Your Website Responsive?

In a recent survey by OFCOM, it was found that 66% of people in the UK now use their mobile phone to access the internet. These  figures show that more of us are relying on mobile friendly websites for shopping, searching for local products and services, and finding directions or other location-based information.

As the percentage of those who view websites via mobiles and tablets increases, it is important that your prospective customers are getting the optimal viewing experience for their device. This means your website must now be “responsive” to all devices, enabling ease of reading and navigation, and to ensure that a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling is required from the user. Moreover, by providing a the site that is easy to use this will also help boost your ranking in Search Engines, as good usability will ensure that visitors will stay on your site for longer and dissuade them from moving to a competitor whose site is “responsive”. Also Google has introduced new mobile SEO rankings to ensure the best websites for mobile phone usability reach the top rankings.

We were recently contacted by Hove Car Spares www.hovecarspares.co.uk who recognises the importance of website responsiveness and therefore asked us to redesign their website in this way. We were able to do this for the set price of only £300, and the end result has been to enhance their brand by providing an easy to use online service for mobile and tablet users. This not only means that we are helping them to increase the time potential customers spend viewing their web pages but also enabling them to reach out to even more users by boosting their Search Engine Optimisation. Moreover, as an e-commerce site, Hove Car Spares are reassured that first-time users are getting an excellent online purchasing experience, which will in turn encourage repeat custom. Indeed, this is particularly true of young drivers in the Brighton and Hove area, as those aged between 17 and 24 are most likely to search for location-specific information and to use a location receptive browser like Google Chrome or Firefox.