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There’s no denying that social media has become a central part of people’s lives. From the way we interact with friends and family to how we hear about new products and services, Facebook and Twitter have become indispensable to modern living. It is therefore essential to integrate social media within your business marketing strategy.

Many websites today include a Twitter feed as part of the home page. The advantage of this is that it allows more end-user interaction. It is also possible to increase in-bound traffic by “sharing” or “tweeting” information about specific products and services. To take this a step further it is possible to converge social media with your SEO strategy by producing an in-house or contracted blog for your business, which focuses on using specific search terms and keywords to boost your search engine ranking. Moreover, you can use social media to provide in-bound links to blog posts, which then not only act as landing pages for your website but also help to fine tune your SEO marketing strategy by increasing the effectiveness of key words and phrases. By integrating social networking into your website you can capitalise on the “one click away” mentality of instant gratification in the information age.

A further advantage of integrating social media with your marketing strategy is that it can reinforce brand loyalty. Sharing down to earth information and news about products and services, and related content can help your business to come across as more personal and friendly to potential customers. Moreover, sharing information about new products and services can highlight your ongoing relevance in the marketplace. It is important that customers know about your innovations and use of current and upcoming technologies and industry developments so that they are aware that you are staying ahead of the game.

The Perfect Page team will be happy to set up your business on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or other social media sites that may have a specific relevance to your business. We also provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that you are reaching out to the right customers and in the right numbers. You might also wish to consider an integrated SEO and social media marketing strategy which takes advantage of social media management and blogging systems.

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