Selling Your Web Business

Perfect Page would like to purchase your web design business

As an established and expanding company focused on top quality website design and web development, we are interested in increasing our portfolio of clients and growing our business. We are particularly interested in freelance web designers and smaller web development companies who are thinking of relocating, closing down or selling up. With over 25 years operating in the South of England, we would ideally be looking for businesses that fall within that area and specifically within the counties of Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall.

At present Perfect Page offer bespoke web development, design and hosting services to over 1200 clients across the UK and overseas and frequently absorb the portfolios of independent web designers who have moved into different fields or taken full-time jobs and are therefore unable to maintain their former businesses.

Indeed, it’s so easy to let a change of circumstances deplete your business due to lack of time to give clients what they deserve. So rather than let your current client base drift, having awkward phone calls and emails that you have not the time to resolve and reply, why not consider transferring your portfolio to us. You will not only receive a generous transfer fee but also you will be rest assured that we will oversee the seamless transition of your clients and ensure that they will receive their current levels of care and support. This means that not only will you gain from a potentially depreciating asset but moreover your clients will benefit from a continuation of the levels of service they have come to expect! However, if you do not wish to sell your business for a set fee, in some cases we are happy to negotiate an ongoing commission for your client base.

We may also consider amalgamating a larger portfolio to grow together. Maybe the size of your business is at a plateau and by sharing skills of designers, developers, SEO technicians, copywriters and sales staff, that not only do we increase the potential of growing the business but also have cost savings in technology overheads.

If you are thinking of selling your web business' portfolio, then please contact us on 01932 500 119 or 07748 802462 to speak to Tony Raybould. We always discuss enquiries in strict confidence, can sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and will not withhold your details or contact you afterwards if no agreement is made.

01932 500 119    07748 802462