Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management Systems (CMS)

A Content Management System (CMS) is a software and database package that enables you to manage and update the content on your website (or intranet) far more easily. Just access your website’s CMS and you can access various templates for different types of pages. This means that you can easily edit your site from almost anywhere, so long as you have a computer with an internet connection. So you can keep it totally up to date – and a site with fresh content makes the associated business look more dynamic and achieves better search engine rankings. Perfect Page can build a bespoke PHP- or ASP-based CMS solution that’s tailor-made for your organisation’s exact needs. We also create sites based on the popular WordPress CMS.

A website is often the first port of call for prospective customers. A good analogy is that your website is the equivalent of a shop front for your business. Therefore, in the same way as a shop front window display needs regularly changing to keep it fresh and dynamic, and to entice customers with exciting new products, so to does your website need to have its content updated regularly. Moreover, regularly updating content with news, views and information is a way of showing that your company cares about its area of specialisation. An evolving website reflects an active and forward thinking business, in touch with industry changes and new markets. Another advantage of taking a hands-on approach to content is that it allows you to connect with the end-user, by personalising news posts and creating pages that show you are adapting to customer demand. Some businesses also do this by producing personal blogs about events in the lives of employees or even company pets!

Perfect Page design CMS systems that are easy to use, password protected and tailored to suit your exact needs. We design all of our CMS systems in-house and are focused on creating products, which give you maximum control and flexibility. After all, you need a CMS system that allows you to update the content of your website, Infranet or company blog as, when and where you want. Likewise, this kind of accessibility enables you to instantaneously add or remove content in a crisis. Moreover, the user-friendly interface of our CMS systems will facilitate even the most non-technical employee to easily be able to update your website with next to no training. In fact, the process is intuitive and as simple as copy, paste and upload!

We recognise that all this takes up valuable working time and therefore we have a in-house copywriters on hand, with the skill and expertise to produce content, which not only feels personal, but uses a tone and register that is both in keeping with your “house style” and “on message” for your brand.

The key function of CMS is end-user interaction and this can be established via web polls, forms, comments sections on blogs, and by linking content to social media. Perfect Page's CMS systems will not only generate greater end-user interaction but also record numbers of “click-throughs”, views and sales by linking CMS to your back office system. This will help your get the bigger picture of how your customers are interacting with your business.

Examples of our implemented CMS systems include: – New website design made responsive for a golf management company – Air Compressors Surrey, Berkshire, London, Oxfordshire. – Scaffolders & Scaffolding services from RBC Scaffolding Ltd, serving Mitcham, Wandsworth, Surrey, Sussex & surrounding areas. Top rated scaffolding company. – Funeral care & support: local independent funeral directors North London, Islington, Holloway, Finchley, Finsbury Park, Tottenham & surrounding areas.



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