Writing copy for websites is a lot more complex than it sounds. Moreover, the consideration and deliberation required in producing text that reflects the image of your business that you wish to convey is highly time-consuming. Not only do you need to take into account the basics of spelling and grammar, which involves the tedious process of checking for typos, but it is also imperative that you consider the tone and register of the language you use. Is it too casual or formal? What are the hidden messages encoded in your text that give away certain preconceptions about the end user's attitudes and values, and do you intend to convey these to your target audience? Remember. the way you write conveys the core values of your business and therefore need to be chosen with caution.

This is also true of grammar and spelling. If your website is full of syntax errors and spelling mistakes, then this sends out the wrong message about your company. If you can’t be bothered to pay attention to the little things on your website, then what does this say about your ability to care for your customers’ needs when it comes to the important things? Your website is likely to be a prospective customer’s first impression of your business. At Perfect Page we recognise the importance of good, solid copy and that getting it right both indicates professionalism and inspires confidence.

Lets not forget the importance of your content being SEO friendly, after all Google has always considered your website content to be the Number 1 factor in it's search engine algorithm. This is often the key factor for many of our clients to take up our copywriting services.

Let our experienced copywriters take away the stress of writing compelling, SEO friendly content for your website, so you can get on with running your business. Perfect Page create dynamic copy to reflect your company ethos and ensure that your website is “on message”. However, if you are confident to produce your own copy, then one of our team will be more than happy to check it through for you and / or make suggestions before your site goes live.


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