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The main benefits of the PR & News solution are:



  • Easy operation
  • PR & News managed from one interface
  • Easy integration into existing website

The core of the system manages the news stories that are created and places them on your website and includes:

  • Cut and paste text
  • Simple picture upload
  • Release date, not before date and dead date
  • Advanced automated scheduling
  • Archiving
  • Selection of active Home page buttons
  • News search

A news release function that allows you to send press releases to magazine and news editors and includes:

  • Edit story feature
  • Pre-formatted news release emails
  • Thumbnail images sent
  • Full size images hosted for subsequent download
  • Automatic time release and deadline notification

Allow visitors and users to your site to subscribe to receive news notifications, articles and special offers and includes:

  • Subscriber release date
  • Thumbnail images sent
  • Separate time release of fixed items based on subscription date (used to send a pre determined set of information at given intervals)

The complete solution is offered completely hosted and maintained requiring no special requirements and it slots into your site effortlessly.


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