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With many of us now owning smart phones and other mobile devices it has become increasingly important to think about the way websites look and feel in the context of different interfaces. Indeed recent statistics from market research group TNS, show that whilst most smartphone users are aged between 25 and 30, there is and increasing demographic of older owners, including just over half those aged between 54 and 65. This is particularly significant because the latter age group has the most spending power and these figures show that many of them are likely to look online for products and services even if they plan to buy on the high street! Therefore, it is important to make online useability as simple as possible to ensure that potential customers are tempted to buy there and then. Moreover, another key factor in encouraging sales is good online security.

Responsive Website Design

More and more of is are buying online and in our fast paced lifestyles it’s not always possible to sit down sit down at a computer to view and buy products. In a situation like forgetting to buy a birthday present, buying it on your phone rather than waiting until you are sat down at a computer, can make the difference between it arriving on time or not! Moreover as the percentage of those who view websites via mobiles and tablets increases, it is important to make it as easy as possible for these potential new markets to access goods and services. To give users the best possible viewing experience for their device it is important to integrate tablet and mobile friendly websites into the web development process.

A “responsive” website responds and adapts to all devises, and enables users to access, read and navigate content with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling. This ensures that the “30 second rule” of usability is maintained. Statistical data shows that the first 30 seconds a first time user spends on a website is crucial to whether or not they stay on the site or go elsewhere. This is particularly true when it comes to mobile device users as there are many more distractions in the form of apps and messaging services to divert their attention away from your website. Moreover, we are all guilty of being lazy when it comes to buying products that are needed there and then. If we are looking for a information about a particular product, then speaking to a sales assistant on the high street can be easier than trawling the internet. However, the result of this is that the assistant is more likely to secure a sale even though the product might be much cheaper online.

There are more advantages to an easy to use website, the most obvious of which is that it can help to boost your Search Engine ranking. Moreover, good useability will ensure more “click throughs” and encourage visitors to stay on your site for longer rather than moving onto a competitor’s site because it is “responsive”. We recently produced a responsive site for Used Mazac, which has not only enhanced their brand by providing an easy to use online service for mobile and tablet user, but also generated more traffic. This, in turn, boosts SEO and will help push used to the top of major search engine rankings.

In recent years people have become increasingly reliant on mobile devices for everyday tasks, and therefore it is becoming a necessity for all businesses to have responsive websites. If your current site is not responsive then you may wish to consider upgrading it. Give as a call on 01932 500 119 and we will be happy to provide a quote for this service.

Examples of websites Perfect Page have recently made "responsive" - – An e-commerce website selling Mazak CNC machine tools.
 – The website of Daventry-based powder spray coatings specialist Spectrum Powder Coatings.




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