Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is perhaps the most important element of web development as it is this factor which determines where your website appears in search engines. So if you wish your company to appear number one in Google searches and maintain that status, then the key thing is to have good SEO. Perfect Page have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that more customers are aware of your products and services in today's dynamic and endlessly changing search engine environment. We research and analyse your competitors and target market, to make sure the keywords, content and technical aspects of your website have maximum online impact and are not being overlooked by major search engines.

We look at your content in detail on the level of headings, titles, meta descriptions, internal, outbound and inbound links, rather than just page text, in order to advise you of the best SEO strategies. We also regularly check Google's SEO quality guidelines and recommendations and believe that regular reviewing is essential to the ongoing improvement of your website’s ranking with major search engines necessary for staying ahead of your competitors.

Perfect Page have developed a range of tried and tested methods that will help ensure that your website ranks higher in listings for all major search engines:

  • Onsite optimisation
  • Manual website submission
  • Effective Google Analytics tracking
  • Building of good quality inbound links
  • Checking quality of old backlinks to avoid Google penalties
  • Google Places page
  • Ongoing re-optimisation programme


At Perfect Page we have an integrated SEO and marketing policy enabling you to avoid unnecessary ongoing advertising costs by increasing online visibility. Whilst there is lots of advice online about how to approach SEO, it is hard to succeed without an integrated marketing strategy by a web company with the knowledge, experience and resources with which to implement a coordinated plan that covers all aspects of web development. We have an excellent track record achieving top-ten rankings in all major search engines and our aim is to get your company to appear amongst the top few results of Google. We do this through consistent research and analysis and our SEO team think both dynamically, laterally and from the point of view of the end user, to target the kinds of keywords and phrases those interested in the products and services offered by our clients are most likely to use in an online search. Indeed, we tailor our SEO services to suit the needs of our clients. From blue chip organisations to small local enterprises, we finely tune our SEO strategies from basic web development to larger scale integrated marketing services in order to ensure that clients get the best return on investment.

Google Algorithm Changes
As the world’s leading search engine, Google stay ahead by regularly changing their algorithms. This means that there are hundreds of factors which can affect your website’s ranking. Not only is there Google Penguin and Google Panda to think about, but you also need to consider the activities of Google Pigeon and the ever changing Mobile Friendly & Social Media algorithm factors! Perfect Page prides itself in keeping up to date with Google changes, which can have a turbulent effect on company’s rankings. The table below shows Google SERP fluctuations. The higher the fluctuations, the higher the risk to your rankings in major search engines.



Some of our SEO success stories -
 – Is the website of Roxey Mouldings, a specialist supplier of model trains and accessories. Thanks to our SEO strategy the company were able to reduce most of their advertising and exhibitions budget after a marked improvement in their Google rankings, which gave them a better return of investment
 – French food supplier - Ballancourt offers superb French pates, terrines, soups & more to delicatessens, farmshops, butchers etc all over UK. – Steel beams supplier specialising in structural steel and reinforcing steel, based in Poole, UK.



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